Sapna Sood – Executive Director International Clients and Market Development, Member of the Executive Board at Compass Group & Independent Director of the BoD, Kering SA

It is my pleasure to recommend Marion Trummer as a VPA.

I have known her since 2009 when I worked in the Corporate Strategy team at The Linde Group. At that point, Marion worked as an executive assistant for the region Continental and Northern Europe manager and from 2012 for Tom Blades, at that time, board member of the Linde Group.

Based on my experience I always found Marion to be approachable, diligent and trustworthy.


Marion works hard to provide suitable solutions for any case and thinks through all the possible scenarios. While she was always managing a lot of different topics, she retained a focused mind, especially in peak times. In addition to her professional competency, Marion has superb communication and social skills. She is open-minded, loyal, attentive and treats every individual with respect.


If her performance at Linde is any indication of how she would perform as a VPA, she would be an extremely positive asset to your project / company.


I wish Marion all the success for her business and for her future endeavours .